Friday, 25 February 2011

faham2 jelah,...

Only the piano accompanies me throughout the day~
The sleeping cello~
Quiet and so old~
I think you've made yourself clear~
I know and I'm sure~
You don't regret~
You say you're upset too, that I don't believe~
You being with me was in the past~
I hope he(she) loves you more than I do~
Only then will I bring myself to leave~
You want me to say it, but it is awkward~
I don't even want to break up~
Why must I depend on a smile to tide me through?
I don't have the ability~
To accept both you and him(her)~
Don't worry too much~
I'll still be fine~
You've already gone far away~
And I will slowly walk away~
Why is it that I have to accommodate you even when [we] break up?
I really don't have the ability~
Staying silent doesn't come so fast~
I will learn to give you up~
Because I love you so much~

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